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What is IP to Analog Modulator ?

Ip to analog modulator is also called ” digital to analog modulator “. Simply speaking , it’s the digital IP signal converter into an analog RF signal . Not in the traditional analog decoding into A/V and then multiple analog modulation mix . At the same time it will not cause video loss, snow, streaks, less tv program problems will not appear . it can realize high-definition digital tv effect .

It’s mainly solve the problem that the hotel or hospital and other users of analog tv out of broadcasting , but the cost of digital has very expensive . Our modulator can solve these problem pefectly . We do not need change any line , introducing a cheap IP source as a input , transmitting through the original line and providing high quality analog TV .

Why do we develp this modulator?

Forced by the tehnical environment.

Traditional TVs have snowflakes, streaks, blinds, reduced programming, and even the inability to watch TV. The owner has to choose to replace the TV otherwise there will be less visitors and less revenue.

Forced by the business environment.

Traditional analog solutions are expensive. Although the current TV fees have dropped, it is still a significant expense over the years. Homeowners want to cut costs and want to free .

Owner’s basic requirements.

The most important point is not to change the wiring, not to replace the TV set, the room does not want a set-top box, but you can have high-quality TV effect.

What is Advantage of this Modulator ?

  • Support 64 Analog TV channel max with high quality tv effect
  • It is easy to get the signal source. As long as the IP signal is available to this device.
  • Save electricity costs and solve problems such as dirty and messy server rooms. For example, the traditional 32 sets of analog TV programs require 3 cabinets, 32 set-top boxes, 32 modulators, distributor mixers, etc. But only one of our 32-way IPMA-32X is needed to achieve the same function.
  • The hotel wiring does not need to do any modification, the hotel TV does not need any replacement, the hotel does not need to add any set-top box. The installation is very simple and easy to use.
  • Save signal sources’ fee .Traditional signal costs are high. The use of IP signal source can basically save hotel costs significantly.

Hondao's Modulator

Model : IPAM-32X


Model : IPAM-64X


Web information of Modulator

Ip to analog modulator include type of IPAM-32X modulator and IPAM-64X , both support WEB information and easy to operate . contact us to get the user manuel .

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