PON+1550NM TV Solution

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XGS-PON/XG-PON/PON and 1550NM RF in FTTH Newtwork Solution

The use of 1550+PON technology to build a metropolitan area network is suitable for the development needs of wired broadband. PON is multiplexed on the 1550 cable TV optical transmission system through low-cost WDM, and does not need to be modulated to RF like CMTS/CM to bring a series of technologies and The trouble of cost, the three waves share the optical splitting platform, so as to build a competitive and relatively low-cost wired broadband network to meet the current and future multi-service needs.


Equivalent to traditional GPON, “high-quality broadband” has become a consensus in the development of the global broadband industry, and meeting users’ needs for 10G bandwidth has become a challenge for operators. In order to meet the challenges faced by operators, we launched an OLT that can support XGS-PON/XG-PON/GPON hybrid access application scenarios at the same time.

1550nm Optical Transmitter

In the 1550nm transmission system, the laser adopts external modulation or internal modulation, which not only has the advantages of large output power, high reliability, low cost per unit optical power, low fiber loss, etc., but also can perform multi-stage amplification. CSO metrics have little impact. The dense coverage of optical nodes through 1550nm optical transmitter combined with high-power EDFA is a popular networking solution in the world. In the next ten years, it can meet a large number of video and interactive digital transmission needs of Chinese users to a great extent.