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HD4125A Analog TV RF signal level meter NTSC /PAL

RF Signal Level Meter, Test Equipment Series


Model Number : HD4125A/B
Brand : HONDAO
MOQ : 1PCS  

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HD4125A/B Signal Analyzer is specially designed and manufactured for CATV system installation and testing. It’s a portable instrument, easy to carry with many functions. At TILT mode it can be set 7 channels and this instrument can store 24 groups (100 channels per group). It can connect with the power software that made by our company and the software can running in the Windows9X or Windows NT. It has lots of setup menus. The menu include: Auto off time setup; level unit setup; frequency step; TILT channel setup; channel amend; channel plan selection; channel edit; channel sort; operator, etc.


  • Channel and spectrum testing.
  • Scan mode, spectrum mode and TILT mode.
  • Testing level, voltage, C/N etc.
  • TN big character LCD display or 128*64 matrix LCD display
Item HD4125A HD4125B
Signal Level testing
Frequency Range 5-870MH
Resolution Bandwidth 280KHz ± 50KHz
Channels All user designate Channels
Level Range 30dBµV ~ 120dBµV
Accuracy ±1.5dBuV(under room temperature) ±2.5dBuV(- l0 ~ +40 )
Input impedance 75Ω(BNC or F connector)
Wave detection Peak value
Auto testing
Max Channel Scan 125 Channels
Scan Range All Channels within 5/46 ~ 870MHz
Scan Speed 30 Channels/Min
Memory Groups 14 Groups, each group store Max 100 Channels. 24 Groups, each group store Max 100 Channels.
Voltage testing
Voltage Range 0 ~ 100VAC
Accuracy  ±1.5V
Resolution 0.lV
C/N Testing
Level Range 80dBuV ~ l05dBuV
AC Power Supply 220VAC/50Hz
DC Power Supply 7.2VDC/1.5Ah rechargeable battery
Charging hours 12~14 hours
Battery working hours longer than 4.5 hours at continuous working mode
Operating Temperature -10 to 40°C

214 (L) x 94 (W) x 47 (H) mm

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