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FS-02C Fiber Optic Cable Fusion Splicer Splicing Machine Kit

Fusion Splicer, Test Equipment Series


Model Number : FS-02C
Brand : HONDAO
MOQ : 1PCS  

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FS-02C Obtaining 16 patens of invention and 58 technical innovations, a brand-new product—FS02C Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer is launched, thanks to 5 years of painstaking research of 28 engineers.02C implements industrial-grade CPU+FPGA structure of high-performance, completely fresh HD optical fiber microscope, imported high-speed motor and aluminum-magnesium alloy materials extensively. 02C lowers the size by 38%, the weight by 52%, the power consumption by 57%, but improves the speed by 60%, the environment adaptability by 80% and the reliability (MTBF) by 200%. You can get unprecedented fusion splicing experience


  • Precise fiber alignment, ultra-low fiber fusion splicing
  • consumption 7s fast fusion splicing, 18s highly
  • 320 times image magnification, 5mm fusion splicing for fibers of ultra-short
  • cutting length300 groups of fusion splicing modes, 100 groups of heating mod
  • 10000 groups of fusion records, 64 images storage Ceramic presser foot,
  • ceramic V-block, all-in-one fixture
  • Dual-direction splicing, automatic splicing, intelligent pyrocondensation
  • USB and SD card interfaces, U-disk automatic software upgrade
  • Built-in modular lithium battery, supports 220 times of splicing and heating cycles
Item Specification Item Specification
Application Fibers SM,MM,EDF,NZDS Tension Test Standard 2N
Splice Loss 0.02dB(SM) ,0.01dB(MM) ,0.04dB Return Loss ≥60dB
Splicing Program 50 groups Power Supply AC100~240V
Language Chinese , English Operation Temp. -10~+50℃
Heat-shrink Tube 20mm or 40mm or 60mm Dimension 155*165*150mm

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