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Coaxial Cable Network Series

» Coaxial Cable Network Series

860MHz Indoor Bi-directional Amplifier

Coaxial Cable Network Series, RF amplifier


Model Number : HA402 Series
Brand : HONDAO     
MOQ : 10 PCS

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House Amplifier is for indoor use . It’s specially designed for the delivery of data , video and voice service .    It’s also provides high RF performance and supports two way Transmission (both forward path and reverse path).


  • High gain , high output level and low non-linearity
  • PHILIPS Amplifier module or chinese module
  • Variable equalizer (0~18dB) and attenuator (0~15dB)
  • Two outputs with plug-in splitter or 1-tap
  • Different frequency split is specified by clients


Item Unit Technical Parameter
Forward optical receiving part 
Frequency Range MHz 47/87-862
Gain dB 30±1.0
Flatness dB ±1.0
Gain Adjustment dB 0~15
Slope Adjustment dB 0~18
Rated Output Level dBuV 102
Noise Figure   <10
C/CTB dB ≥ 58
C/CSO dB ≥ 56
Return loss dB ≥14
Return Path
Frequency Range MHz 5-30/65
Gain dB 15±1.0
Flatness dB ±0.75
Gain Adjustment dB 0~10
Rated Output Leve dBuV 110
Noise Figure dB <12
CSO dB ≥ 52
Return Loss dB ≥16
Generally Paremeter
Impedance MHz 75
Power Remote/Local V AC15~60/AC165~250
Power Consumption VA 8
Surge Protection KV >5
Dimension mm 178(L)*100(W)*55(H)
Connector   F type female , Imperial thread
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 HA402  CATV Amplifier  MINI Amplifier

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